Paper highlights distinctive art works at Sunbury Shores

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Pop-up books and woven magazine paper works make up the latest exhibitions on display now at Sunbury Shores.

Work by Mary Conley.

An exhibition of unique and rare pop-up books by Mary Conley, and an exhibition of cut, folded and woven magazine paper works by I-Chun Jenkins opened at Sunbury Shores in St Andrews last Friday. Both artists  have developed sophisticated and artistic artwork using the medium of paper. 

“Time Flies! So Have Fun!” presents Dr. Mary Conley’s colourful pop-up books. Returning to her  hometown of St Andrews after many years on the west coast, Conley truly is in a “field by  herself”. Conley has spent her career as a family doctor, teacher, abortion provider and pro-choice activist recognized for her role as an exceptional teacher and activist. She has  been recognized with awards of distinction, as well as a recent honorary degree from the  University of New Brunswick.  

Woven magazine paper works by I-Chun Jenkins.

Conley acknowledges her lifetime passion for the arts, and as well as graduating from several  respected art schools in Hawaii and in Canada, she trained as a calligrapher, printmaker, and  designer. Her wide range of artistic interests, including painting and sculpting is remarkable  especially for her colourful and amusing one-of-a-kind pop-up books. She has published  several books in traditional literary format, including The Artistry of Art Deco: an illustrated  selection of buildings in Greater Victoria which won the 2020 Hallmark Heritage Award, as well as Time Flies! So Have Fun! that depicts many of her paintings and pop-up books.

Based in Fredericton, I-Chun Jenkins is an honours graduate from the New Brunswick College of Craft and Design. She began her career in fibre arts weaving scarves and shawls using yarn she dyed in the traditional Japanese wrap dyeing technique known as IKAT, which ensures that no two creations are identical. Later, her love of nature and focus on protecting the environment led her to reuse magazines as a source for her artwork, with pages meticulously cut, sliced, weaved, crocheted or folded together in beautifully delicate artworks. Her exhibition, Wonder, includes twigs and moss found in nature. 

I-Chun’s works are displayed around the world in galleries and private collections. Some of her artwork has been purchased for Global Affairs Canada Visual Art Collection and is currently on display at the Canadian Embassy in Adu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates. Her artwork is also on display at the Canadian Embassy in Harare, Zimbabwe.

Time Flies! So Have Fun! and Wonder are on exhibition until June 13 at Sunbury Shores, 139 Water St, St. Andrews, NB.

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