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With their latest single, Freshet, chamber-pop duo Pallmer continue to find common ground between human emotion and the natural world. 

Matt Carter

Pallmer released a new single today. Freshet, the second single to arrive in advance of the group’s forthcoming full-length album, continues to reveal parallels between human emotion and the natural world. Following the release of the album’s first single, Tulips, back in May, Freshet serves as a further introduction to the new music cellist Emily Kennedy and violist Mark Kleyn have created with producer and multi-instrumentalist Joshua Van Tassel, drawing a healthy dose of inspiration from the many characteristics that define each calendar season. 

From the emotional weight of winter to the calming sounds of a spring rain, Pallmer seem guided by the unpredictable beauty and strength of the world around us. With Freshet, they have turned their attention to one of our province’s most unpredictable annual occurrences – the spring thaw. 

“Each spring in the town where I grew up, the river thaws quickly, blasting huge plates of ice downstream that cut the riverbanks and take out anything in its path.” said Kennedy.  “Freshet is an ode to its annual thaw. It explores how fluid a person’s inner world can be, changing with life’s seasons.” 

The accompanying video, shot and edited by filmmaker Jordan Anthony Greer (Folk Magick Productions), was shot at Smith Falls in Norton, New Brunswick with archival footage of past New Brunswick freshets spliced throughout. 

“It’s special that Jordan was able to source such local footage. Even though it’s decades old, the shots will be familiar to a lot of New Brunswickers,” says Kleyn. “He’s such a talented filmmaker. He really got to the core of the tune. We’re super honoured to be able to collaborate with him.  He enhanced so much of what Freshet is about.”

Each time we are treated to new music from Kennedy and Kleyn they are introducing us to a new idea or a new sound or a new collaborator, always moving forward in new, exciting and unpredictable ways much like the subject of this latest single.  But at least with Pallmer, we know we are safe. We know we are in good hands. The only worry may be a deeper understanding of our own emotions. 

Pallmer’s debut LP Swimming is expect to arrive this coming November.


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