Owen Steel & The Mighty Mums share first single

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Welcome Home, the first single from this collaborative recording project, is now available for download. Full release due November 14.

Matt Carter

Owen Steel has teamed up with Motherhood for an upcoming EP. Over the past year Steele and the Mums have made a handful of appearances at select festivals and stages throughout the province. With an full EP due for release in mid-November, there’s a pretty good chance we may see more shows in the months to come.

“Welcome Home is the lead-off track from the upcoming collaborative EP between myself and Motherhood,” said Steel. “The song itself was literally thrown together two nights before going into the studio last February. I took a sketch of the song to the band and we ripped through it several times, getting it into C+ shape. The rest we left up to chance in the studio, more or less filling in the gaps on the spot: A little ‘cow’ here a bit of ‘dog’ there… I am pretty sure we did three takes and chose the last one.”

Steel admits he’s used this half-completed songwriting tactic on previous recordings and by all accounts, it seems to be working.

“This has become a go-to formula,” he said.  “I take a half formed idea to others, have them put their own spin on it, and lay it down quickly. I love the sense of immediacy, chaos, and excitement that it gives off.”

The video for Welcome Home is predictably odd and overtly creative. For this project, Steel teamed up with filmmaker Elijah Matheson to produce a chaotic, low-fi film created in similar fashion to the track itself.

“Myself, filmmaker Elijah Matheson, and two St. Andrews locals – pool shark Slick Rick and CHCO reporter Vicky Hogarth –  gathered at the local TV station with no concrete plan,” said Steel. “We did two sessions of shooting different scenes, and then Eli found whatever spare time they could over the last few weeks to edit it all together.  And they did an incredible job – coming up with an absurd, funny, and bizarre moving picture.”

The Owen & Motherhood EP comes out November 14. 

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