Owen Steel enlists Sipkema and Hallett for latest single

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Black Flame is Steel’s second single recorded at Keith Hallett’s Never Nuthin’ Studios to feature contributions from both Hallett and Motherhood drummer Adam Sipkema.

Matt Carter

Every Owen Steel song is an experience, a journey, and a story. He has a knack for capturing the precious moments, the absurdity, and the absolute nonsensical madness that life can deliver. Whether he is rambling on about shoplifting just enough liquid laundry detergent to clean a dirty shirt or singing about the human tendency to be possessive of others, Steel can find poetry and sometimes humour wherever he directs his gaze.

On his latest single, Black Flame, Steel’s meandering poetry is brought to life in collaboration with drummer Adam Sipkema (Motherhood) and boundless blues guitarist Keith Hallett who plays bass and baritone guitar on this recording. Hallett is also credited for engineering and mixing the song which was recorded at his Never Nuthin’ Studios.  

Black Flame and the previous single Your Own Imagination mark the first recorded collaborations between Steel and Sipkema since the Owen Steel & Motherhood EP which came out back in the fall of 2018.

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