ON TOUR: Greville Tapes Music Club Vol. III

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Musical blind date makes it to third base as Little You, Little Me and Eamon McGarth leave the studio and hit the road.

10399662_837036026401121_6297156608454455316_nGreville Tapes Music Club | Media Release

The tracks have been laid, mixing’s almost complete, the cassettes are prepped for dubbing, as Eamon McGrath & Little You, Little Me head out on a tour in support of GTMC Vol. III for what is sure to be an ear-bleeding good time.

Having shaken hands just a few days ago, the artists didn’t waste much time; after several beers, a few hours of arranging, and delicious grilled cheese sandwiches, the crew dove headfirst into the Quarantine studio in Port Greville, NS. In a show of bravado, Eamon & Little You, Little Me have surpassed previous Greville Tapes sessions, completing five recorded tracks in just two days (previous sessions recorded an already impressive four tracks). The works are heavy and soul-baring, intertwining the no-fucks-given mentality of Little You, Little Me and the honest songwriting of Eamon McGrath.

Greville Tapes crew member and Shifty Bits Cult member Penelope Stevens was in the studio with them, and notes that the two groups are a natural fit. “It only took about one beer before Eamon and Gavin (of Little You, Little Me) were excitedly bouncing guitar licks off one another. It seems as though they’ve all known each other for years, the way they’re working and writing on such a subconscious level. The tracks are super tight, and although each group has a distinct sound, they’re blending together really nicely. This is one of the best pairings of artists I’ve seen here.”

The work now lies in final mixes and dubbing; the crew will work with Quarantine studio heads Dave Trenaman and Colleen Collins (who together form Construction & Destruction) to perfect the tracks in the control room. Then they’ll jam out their own sets, package the tapes, pack their bags and set sail for Sackville, NB – the first stop on the GTMC Vol. III Tour.

Complete Tour Dates:

March 31st – Sackville, NB, at Thunder & Lightning Ltd.

April 1st – Halifax, NS, at Gus’ Pub

April 2nd – Saint John, NB, at Pepper’s Pub

April 3rd – Fredericton, NB, at ReNeu Boutique

April 6th – Peterborough, ON, at the Garnet

April 7th – Toronto, ON, at the Old Laurel

April 8th – Hamilton, ON, at the Killing Floor

April 9th – Montreal, QC, at Bar Le Ritz

Check out Vol. I and II to hear what GTMC is all about:

Also read our interview with project founder, Peter Rowan:

The Greville Tapes Music Club reconstructs collaborative music making.


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