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Crazy Train

On the Air is a series profiling some great local radio produced right here in Fredericton at CHSR FM 97.9. This week we turn our attention to, The Crazy Train, hosted by Chris Waddell and Steve “The Buzz Man” Dunnett.  The Crazy Train airs Saturday 6 – 8 p.m.

How long have you been hosting The Crazy Train?

I’ve been hosting The Crazy Train since July 2014, so just over a year ago, myself and my trusty co-host Steve “The Buzz Man” Dunnett and I resurrected the once long time running Heavy Metal radio show.

Give us one sentence that would explain your show to new listeners.

The Crazy Train is a two-hour powerhouse of indie Canadian Metal in hour one and global Metal in hour two.

Describe the usual format of your program.

We usually play as much Indie Canadian Metal in the first hour of the show, which also may include interviews with local and out of town Metal acts. The second hour we play Heavy Metal of all genres from all over the planet, old Metal and the latest releases. We have contests and give aways every so often. We also welcome on-air guests, from friends that have grown up listening to Metal or past Crazy Train hosts. When guests appear on the show, we let them program the entire two hours.

How would you describe CHSR’s role within the community?

CHSR is a pivotal hub for all things music and community event related.

Name one other CHSR program you would recommend and why you feel other people should tune it in?

Fuzztone Mania, on Friday nights at 8-9 p.m. My co-host and good friend Steve Dunnett and the lovely and talented Heather Smith dig deep into the CHSR record library for the best in non top 40 Classic Rock and early Heavy Metal. They play an excellent blend of old and new and songs by classic Rock bands that you won’t hear on local top 40 radio.

You can tune in to CHSR at 97.9 on your dial or stream it online at CHSRFM.CA

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