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On the Air is a series profiling some great local radio produced right here in Fredericton at CHSR FM 97.9. This week we turn our attention to, Instant Breakfast, hosted by Tim Rayne. Instant Breakfast airs weekdays 8 – 9 a.m.

How long have you been hosting Instant Breakfast?

I’ve been hosting Instant breakfast on and off for the last three years. Over the last year I changed up the format to include Vinyl Mondays and have included more guest spots.

Give us one sentence that would explain your show to new listeners.

Instant Breakfast showcases the best in Fredericton’s music, art, and culture.

Describe the usual format of your program.

CHSR’s Instant Breakfast is a daily show from Monday to Friday. We begin the week with Vinyl Monday where I have a guest join me who brings in there favourite vinyl records from their personal collection. The idea came stemmed from the film High Fidelity where John Cusack is seen organizing his records in biographical order. Music is the soundtrack to our lives so every guest brings a unique collection of songs from their lives. The rest of the week is dedicated to playing Fredericton based music and special guests from our creative community.

How would you describe CHSR’s role within the community?

CHSR is the people’s voice. It is from the people for the people.

Name one other CHSR program you would recommend and why you feel other people should tune it in?

I cannot name just one because all of the ‘locally” produced shows have their own audience. CHSR’s unique and eclectic programming has something for everyone. Tune into the Broadcast at anytime a unique experience or check out our ‘on-demand’ anytime, anywhere show podcast on our website at chsrfm.ca

You can tune in to CHSR at 97.9 on your dial or stream it online at CHSRFM.CA

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