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On the Air is a series profiling some great local radio produced right here in Fredericton at CHSR FM 97.9. This week we turn our attention to, Her Turn, hosted by Erin “Bondo” Bond. Her Turn airs Tuesdays from 7-8 p.m..

How long have you been hosting Her Turn?

Her Turn’s first episode aired June 2, 2015.

Give us one sentence that would explain your show to new listeners.

Playing only all-female or female fronted bands and musicians.

Describe the usual format of your program.

The usual format is just to play as much music as I possibly can while talking about the band and/or album. Sometimes there will be an interview with a band talking about issues that women face in the music industry, but as a pretty new show the format is still slightly changing week by week.

How would you describe CHSR’s role within the community?

To me, CHSR’s role is to provide community based programming as diverse as the community we serve, and to give a voice to the community that mainstream media often fails to recognize.

Name one other CHSR program you would recommend and why you feel other people should tune it in?

Check out Run For Your Life which airs Fridays 5 p.m. It’s been on CHSR for 5+ years and also plays a lot of female fronted bands. Recommended for lovers of psychobilly, punk, hard rock, metal, and all kinds of other goofy stuff.

You can tune in to CHSR at 97.9 on your dial or stream it online at CHSRFM.CA

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