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On the Air is a series profiling some great local radio produced right here in Fredericton at CHSR FM 97.9. This week we turn our attention to, Diversions, hosted by Adrian Park.  Diversions airs Sundays 4 – 6 p.m.

How long have you been hosting Diversions?

Diversions has been on the air for 25 years.  I’ve been the host for 22 of those years.  I started the show in spring 1990, and was away in Scotland for a year (1994-5) and in Montreal for two years (1996-98).

Give us one sentence that would explain your show to new listeners.

Diversions aims to showcase classical music as broadly as possible – everything from the Renaissance to contemporary composers, with a mandate to include as many Canadian composers/performers as possible (not just the CANCON quota).  The idea is to show that the classical genre is very much a living musical tradition, and not just a rehashing of old and trusted classics from the early 20th century and 19th/18th centuries.

Describe the usual format of your program.

The show default format (2 hours) follows a typical concert – a short orchestral piece such as an overture, an instrumental concerto or choral piece, and a large-scale orchestral or choral piece – typically a symphony.  That said, other formats are thrown into the mix – memorial shows for a particular performer/composer, anniversaries of particular composers, special themes, etc – some being pretty light-hearted, such as a Hallowe’en special, classics go to the movies, humour in music, etc.  During the summer months – Canada Day weekend to Labour Day the show shifts to a three hour format and includes complete operas.  Talk is based on ‘intelligent trivia’ – biographic anecdotes, the times in which the piece was written, etc – no heavy analysis in other words.

How would you describe CHSR’s role within the community?

CHSR as a campus/community radio is a way for members of the community to share their passions/enthusiasms/obsessions with the community at large.

Name one other CHSR program you would recommend and why you feel other people should tune it in?

Recommended show – difficult given the terrific variety, and the passion most programmers bring to their shows.  However, one is outstanding – Against the Mat – these guys put together a highly informal, informative and entertaining show (whatever you think about professional wrestling).  Don’t let the informal format fool you – this is a really well-prepared and tightly produced show.  They know their subject intimately and share their enthusiasm in a very entertaining way.

You can tune in to CHSR at 97.9 on your dial or stream it online at CHSRFM.CA

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