On Display: Gallery 78 Launch Two New Exhibits.

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Peggy Smith: Two Passions & William Robinson: Body Type, open on September 11, 2015


Peggy Smith has a knack for drawing you into her paintings. Although her art has gone through stylistic transformations over the years since her studies with Alex Colville, the subjects of landscape and music remain. When Peggy paints, her vivacity is transformed into the images of her work. Her intimate garden and landscape scenes have the ability to ground and move the viewer at the same time. Her paintings of music reveal the rise and fall of sound and one is at once transfixed, hearing the tune clearly, translating the visual back to the audible. There is a sense of harmony to her work and a symbiotic relationship between the garden scenes and the musical paintings; each one breathes life into the other. The gardens are melodious while her paintings of music borrow colours and forms from nature to be understood, to be heard.

In 2012, a long held interest in jewellery design prompted William Robinson to enrol in the Jewelry/Metal Arts program at the New Brunswick College of Craft and Design. His designs are inspired by the world around him, especially nature, architecture, and geometric patterns. During his career as a graphic designer, William worked with typography on a daily basis and learned to appreciate the design and intricate beauty of the many typestyles Using typography as the theme for this solo exhibition, Body Type, William incorporates his career as graphic designer/typographer with his current work as a jeweller and metal-smith. In 2014 William received the Governor General’s Award for academic excellence. This is his first solo exhibition at Gallery 78.

Gallery 78 is located at 796 Queen St. on the corner of Church and Queen Streets. Open: Tuesday to Friday 10am-5pm, Saturday 10am-3pm, and Sunday 1-4pm or visit virtually at: www.gallery78.com

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