Grace is Growth – New Music from Nuages

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a1970673900_10A new track has surfaced from Nuages.  Grace represents a major step forward for the group’s songwriting and composition. Part soundtrack, part soundscape and part progressive rock, Nuages hold a unique position among Fredericton’s current slate of performing acts.

“This song is actually about my friends and the people I’m surrounded by day to day,” said Oscar Tecu.  “It is a lot different than earlier Nuages.  I say that because it’s the first song that wasn’t inspired by a broken heart and it’s a bit louder and aggressive than the rest. It’s also the first song I ever really sang.”

On this latest track, Nuages are Oscar Tecu, Mack Doiron, Matt Whipple, Penelope Stevens & Josh Bravener.

“Grace sort of talks about how sometimes people feel intimidated by their own group of friends,” said Tecu.  “Personally, I feel like Fredericton is full of beautiful and talented artists. A lot of them happen to be good friends of mine and Grace is kind of about how sometimes I feel like I’m not as cool, talented or attractive as them.  It’s a little embarrassing to admit it, but it’s the truth. ¯_(ツ)_/¯”

“The song ends by acknowledging that these are silly thoughts and that it’s not my friends fault they are wonderful people. My lyrics aren’t the greatest and probably don’t make much sense but that’s sort of what I was going for.”

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