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M3D14 takes an introspective approach to creating their latest album, Lost Youth & The Art of Self Destruction.

Matt Carter 

New Brunswick Indigenous musician, producer and beatmaker M3D14 (Dawson Sacobie) has created an impressive work of audio theatre with their latest release, Lost Youth & The Art of Self Destruction. Translating high levels of emotional vulnerability on this latest album, Sacobie builds upon the highly personal nature of their previous releases by adding a clear narrative arc to these ten tracks delivered through glitchy electronic beats and pulsating melodic movements. 

As vague and open to interpretation as the storyline on Lost Youth & The Art of Self Destruction may be, the context provided is enough to elevate each of these ten tracks above many of their earlier recordings.

“From the opening track, Self Destruct, through to The Art Of Self Destruction, there’s an aggressive tone and overall dark feeling to these tracks,” said Sacobie. “And from the ending of The Art Of Self Destruction onwards, the album transforms itself and blooms into this soft and triumphant sound and feeling. 

“I originally set out for this album to basically tell an audio story of dealing with trauma and losing that inner child everyone has; learning to overcome those traumas and bloom into a better version of yourself. It’s been one hell of a battle to get this out as we all know it’s hard to create in this day and age.”

Through their work as M3D14 (pronounced “media”), Sacobie has been heavily involved in electronic composition for the past few years. Creative partnerships with playwright Natalie Sappier as well as a stint as sound designer for the 2021 TNB Young Company have had a substantial influence on their work in terms of storytelling and overall concept. This growth can be heard in how each track on Lost Youth & The Art of Self Destruction creates mood and a sense of movement that carries the album’s concept forward. 

“Working with Natalie Sappier has helped me grow and learn how to enjoy myself while working on music,” said Sacobie. “Their passion for their work is inspiring to me and inspired me heavily on this album. Natalie, myself and a couple others have something planned for the future, and I hope in coming months or years that can get off the ground. 

“Working with TNB Young Company was a dream come true as I’ve always wanted to work in theatre,” they said. “Growing up, I never had the chance to work in those environments or learn much of it in school so being able to learn in those places now that I’m older certainly was a breath of fresh air.”

Sacobie was recently featured in the CBC documentary My Song is My Name alongside Polaris Music Prize winner Jemery Dutcher, Wolastoqey multi-disciplinary artist, educator, and social activist Judie Acquin-Miksovsky, Rapper Shelby Sappier and others. The one hour film by Fredericton’s Raynemaker Productions was created to highlight a range of Indigenous artists from New Brunswick, each creating their own path through music, informed by their heritage, culture and collective history. 

Self described as a “TV-For-A-Head 20 year old electronic musician”, Sacobie is much more than a surface level gimmick. Lost Youth & The Art of Self Destruction is a testament to their ability as composer and producer, and easily their most significant release to date. 

“To boil it all down I guess, this album is my way of growing up and learning to be okay with certain consequences that can’t be helped.”



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