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Three Fredericton music pros host a free workshop on navigating some of the industry’s murky territory.

Matt Carter

Fredericton musicians will have a chance to engage with three of the city’s busiest music industry professionals as part of a free workshop at Wilser’s Room next week.  Band Biz, presented by Zach Atkinson (The Capital Complex), Erin Bond (CHSR) and Penelope Stevens (musician/organizer), is open to all artists (19+) and will take place June 4 at 7 p.m.

As Stevens explains, the idea to facilitate this discussion has been brewing for some time now.  

“This is a conversation that Zach and I have been having for months and months,” said Stevens. “How can we ensure that New Brunswick artists are considered on a level playing field across the country?

“There are certain barriers that artists face here that aren’t always apparent on the surface,” she said. “I have artists reach out to me almost every week, asking me how to do X, Y or Z, or asking for help. The talent and creativity is there, the songwriting is there, but without a few other key skills, it can be really difficult to navigate the Canadian music landscape. It’s really wild out there!”

The Band Biz workshop is an opportunity for artists at all stages in their careers to get together and ask questions to three folks that live it every day. Zach Atkinson is one of the province’s foremost promoters and has worked with Harvest Jazz and Blues Festival, Shivering Songs and The Capital Complex.

“Zach is going to talk about the dos and don’ts of booking a show or festival,” said Stevens. “Erin has been working in campus radio for years, and sees press releases and promo CDs come across her desk every day. She is the person to talk to about getting your music played on campus radio – what to do, and what to leave out.

“And I play in a band that tours regularly and showcases at conferences and festivals all the time,” she said.  “I’ll be talking about how to make the industry work for you, and how to showcase effectively.”

Band Biz will take place on the eve of the National Community Radio Association Conference and will help kick off a busy week of programming at the Capital Complex showcasing a wide range of New Brunswick talent.

“There will be hundreds of campus radio delegates and promoters from across the country in our fair city,” said Stevens.  “We want to make sure that artists know how to make that opportunity count, and get their music in the hands of these folks in an effective way.”

The workshop is free and open to all musicians.

“Band Biz” Workshop | June 4th, 2018 | 7:00 p.m. | Wilser’s Room | FREE (but 19+ only) | Presented in English only | View Event

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