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Cold Reads offers local writers a chance to have their words read out loud before an audience.

Photo: The Tipsy Muse Cafe.
Matt Carter

Local writers have a new stage to test drive their works in progress. This week will see the next in an ongoing series of live reading events take place at The Tipsy Muse Café.

Cold Reads mixes new work with spontaneity before a live audience. The concept is simple. Writers submit scripts, actors show up and a reading is cast on the spot.

Cold Reads organizer Kaitlyn Adair says these types of events are common in larger centres and offer both writers and audiences the opportunity to experience new work being created in their communities.

“Bigger centers do these type of events but ours is a bit different to be more inclusive to our smaller community,” said Adair. “I used to go to the one in Vancouver all the time when I was working as an actor there and it inspired me to start writing. Basically it’s a networking opportunity and a workshopping opportunity. Writers submit their work to be read aloud by actors. This provides the opportunity to hear it and make tweaks to dialogue or story flow as well as an opportunity to get feedback if wanted from other writers, directors, producers and actors.”

Besides creating a space for writers to hear their work read aloud, events like Cold Reads also offer actors or those curious about acting the chance to participate alongside others from the acting community.

“Actors get the chance to really work on their cold reading skills which are essential for auditions and learning to build character on the fly,” said Adair.  

“It’s also a community networking opportunity for creatives. So as a writer you could meet producers and directors, and in the middle [of the event] we do an announcement about arts events, shows and workshops that are happening,” she said.

Cold Reads is an interdisciplinary event open to writers of all backgrounds and genres including theatre, sketch comedy and film.

“The Tipsy Muse is the venue and it’s usually the third Tuesday of the month,” said Adair. “Coming up we will have a horror show for Halloween and we will also being have one specifically for youth writers.”

Cold Reads | September 17 | The Tipsy Muse Café | 6 p.m. | View Event

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