New Music from The Tortoise, The Hare and The Millionaire

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Fredericton blues trio share three demo tracks in the midst of a busy summer season.

Photo: Luke Perrin.

Following what seems like constant live performances over this past few months, The Tortoise, The Hare and The Millionaire managed to find some time to track and share a few demos.  Recorded in Fredericton by the band and later mixed by Evan Hanson and Brad Perry at The Recordery, this three song demo offers a solid representation of the band’s blues driven output.

“We recorded these new tracks a short while ago,” said bassist Eric Allard. “While we’re heavily influenced by old blues and early blues-rock, we’re not purists to any particular genre so we selected three tracks that are all radically different from each other.

She’s Alright is a very upbeat, almost pop song, and Black Leather Palace is very country-ish and was influenced by Ween’s country album with absurd, over-the-top lyrics,” said Allard. “Hey Baby is what we call a ‘Janky’ blues and was written immediately after playing our show with Keith Hallett at Maybee Brewery in February. I think the influence should be obvious.”

All of the tracks were recorded by the band live using minimal overdubs.

“We were aiming for a live sound,” said Allard, noting how spending too much time working on each track can diminish the live-off-the-floor feel.

“We purchased, rented, or borrowed all of the necessary equipment and went about setting up mics as we read a book on recording,” he said. “None of us have any background or training in recording so we were teaching ourselves how to use the equipment and recording software simultaneously. Fortunately, Brad and Evan at The Recordery were able to mix our tracks into something pretty darn close to what we envisioned.”

For a relatively new group, The Tortoise, The Hare and The Millionaire have been racking up an impressive list of summer performances including shows at Paddlefest, Living Roots Music Festival and Evolve, along with numerous shows on familiar stages throughout the province.

The band will be playing The Capital Complex on July 28 with Mayheningwas and East Coast Love Story and the inaugural FreedomFest August 11-13 in Harvey, NB.

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