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Bored Coast Records start 2017 with a six track release of new instrumental loops and meditations from label founder JE Sheehy.

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There certainly isn’t anything boring about Bored Coast Records. Since launching in 2016, the Fredericton-based DIY record label has released a steady stream of music, highlighting the immense creative palate of label founder JE Sheehy. From Beard Springsteen’s punk rooted love songs to the francophone ballads of Saint Jack, Sheehy and his unparalleled drive to create have made Bored Coast a constant source of inspiration for artists and music lovers around the province.

The label’s latest release is the self-titled debut from the ambient project, Starving Ghosts.  Six tracks of cinematic improvisations that make an ideal soundtrack for late night treks through the snow or long evenings spent waiting for another winter to fade into history.

Starving Ghosts was recorded and released in January 2017 and is available as a name-your-price digital download.

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