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Ginger Lightning is the seven track debut from Shushed.

a1105916445_10Shushed is a new project from The Trick’s Patrick Reinartz. Building on his well-establish reputation for creating infectious pop music (check out The Trick’s Fearsome Places EP), Ginger Lightning is a seven track collection that sees Reinartz delving deep into house music territory, finding strength in dark melodic tones and looser arrangements than those found on his previous work.

The freeform feel of Hey Now’s percussion parts and the vocal melodic structures that drive both Are You Fired Up? and Meetings in the Dark find Reinartz exploring new sonic territory with surprising results, his highly distinguishable sense of melody apparent throughout the entire release.  The aptly titled instrumental closing track, Departures, may be the most stand-out track on the album because of its simple melody and vast ambient feel.

For anyone who might have feared we’d heard the last of Reinartz’ electronic experiments following The Trick’s leap from solo project to four piece ensemble, Ginger Lightning proves his love for solo electronic composition remains as strong as ever.

Listen to Ginger Lightning  below.

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