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The Night distills elements of blues, rock, and folk into a highly polished five-track collection.

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After releasing a series of demos and singles over the past couple of years, Fredericton songwriter Quinn Bonnell will release his new EP, The Night, later this month.

This first official release from Bonnell comes over a year after initially announcing the project. As Bonnell explains, though the songs have been ready for some time now, he chose to hold off on jumping into this release until he was happy with the recordings, the arrangements and all aspects of the project.

“This EP has been written for about a year,” said Bonnell. “I’ve had lots of demos recorded but they never really made the cut. Now I’ve finally found the dream team of musicians and ears to help put this thing together.”

The Night was tracked at both The Capital Complex and Shiftwork Studios in Fredericton by Soft Effects Recordings’ Dylan Ward (David in the Dark, Brookside Mall), with Ward and Dane Paul each contributing bass to the project along with drummer Dylan Somerville and Adam Tattersall on keys.

The EP is titled The Night which seemed, thematically, the right title for the EP,” said Bonnell. “I’ve sat on the name for about a year and a half, and somehow it never really lost its magic. I’ve had many other titles floating around, a lot of them somehow just didn’t cut it.”

The songs follow Bonnell’s now well-established folk-pop influenced songwriting, distilling elements of blues, rock, and folk into a highly polished five-track collection that includes the song Moving Pictures, which originally surfaced over ago as a lyric video.

The Night will be officially released June 28, first as a digital download with CD copies expected later this summer.

Track List:

  1. The Night
  2. I Don’t Mind
  3. Gotta Go
  4. Running
  5. Moving Pictures

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