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Bored Coast Records start off 2017 with Une année à Halifax.

off season 2017Last year, Bored Coast Records founder JE Sheehy announced the end of Off Season, the solo, electro-music project that was his major creative focus over the past few years. With the November announcement of his latest solo project, Saint-Jack, Sheehy explained how the former morphed into the latter and that he would no longer be creating music under the Off Season name. But thankfully, there’s an archive of unreleased Off Season material that may someday see the light of day.

To start off Bored Coast’s 2017 list of releases, the Fredericton based label has announced the release of Une année à Halifax, an eighteen minute, two track release focusing on some of the instrumental tracks from the Off Season vaults.

“While cleaning a hard drive in December, I found the instrumental intro and outro I wrote for an unreleased Off Season album,” said Sheehy. “I love those two pieces of music, but I didn’t feel like it was worth releasing them on their own as standalone tracks, especially since I already made it clear to myself that Saint-Jack was the serious and professional continuity of Off Season.”

The first track on Une année à Halifax features a 10-minute soundscape created from several short compositions Sheehy wrote for the project. The other track is a remix of the Off Season single Civil Wars, created for Drone Day 2015.

Une année à Halifax will officially be released January 13, 2017 as a digital download and on a very limited cassette.

“I guess this two song EP is pretty much a way to release the more timeless songs of Off Season, while creating an uninterrupted listening experience,” said Sheehy. “Although I released two albums, a bunch of EPs and dozens of singles as Off Season, I never did any CD or tapes runs of any of those releases, so it’s pretty cool to finally have a physical version and legacy of this project which was a huge part of my life. It’s cool to have an immense Bandcamp catalogue, but does it really mean anything if you can’t hold it in your hands?”

Bored Coast Records are currently streaming Une année à Halifax

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