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Award-winning Moncton musician returns with his fifth album, The Rest of Your Life.

Photo by Nick Gaines.

Moncton-based songwriter/performer Jared Lutes continues his musical journey with the release of his fourth studio album in five years, The Rest of Your Life. A stay-at-home father of two small children, Lutes entered the studio to record his fifth album despite his ongoing vocal trouble brought on by a persistent bout of laryngitis.

“About three years ago I came down with consecutive cases of laryngitis,” said Lutes. “But instead of taking a break and resting, I powered through my busy Christmas schedule of gigs and appearances. I would sing until I was hoarse, and have little or no voice the following day.”

Lutes underwent surgery in 2014 to remove nodules from his vocal cords and continues to struggle with muscle tension dysphonia brought on by exertion and over-compensation. Between surgeries and recoveries, he never stopped writing and was able to release two award-winning albums while in the midst of these ongoing struggles.

“The silver lining is that by learning about the anatomy and limits of my voice, I’ve resolved to perform my own music for shorter periods instead of belting out classic rock songs at marathon bar gigs. In short, the ordeal has allowed me to focus on being myself and sing with my own voice as an original artist.”

For this album, Lutes wrote, performed and produced the majority of the project himself with help from Danny Bourgeois (drums), Mike Lemieux (bass) and guest guitarists Mike Bourgeois, Jacques Belanger, and Jock Downs.  The album also features contributions for Lutes’ wife six-year-old son, Isaiah.

“My family is my number one support and inspiration team,” said Lutes. “I’ve stood at several crossroads in my life, and I would have chosen a non-musical path without their encouragement. Family gives me plenty to write about and express in ways not easy for a typical dad. In our family, mom and dad playing music in or out of town is perfectly normal, and I think it’s beneficial for kids to see their parents work at something they enjoy – rather than earn extra money at something they don’t.”

Catch Jared Lutes on tour this summer performing throughout the East Coast.

  • July 8: Octopus Garden – Alma, 8pm
  • July 9: The Nook & Cranny – Truro, 9pm
  • July 16: The Pump House Brewery – Moncton, 9pm
  • July 20: Dieppe Concert in the Park, 6:30pm
  • July 23: The Dooryard Arts Festival – Woodstock, 7pm
  • July 27: Campobello Island FogFest, 7pm
  • July 30: St. Hubert Restaurant – Moncton, 7pm
  • July 31: Moncton First Settlers Festival, 4pm
  • Aug 1: Moncton First Settlers Festival, 1pm
  • Aug 2: The Miramichi Folksong Festival, 7pm
  • Aug 5: Octopus Garden – Alma, 8pm
  • Aug 6: The Hiller Family Reunion, Miramichi, 9pm
  • Aug 12: The Nook & Cranny – Truro, 9pm
  • Aug 19: Cajun Fest – Saint John, 5pm
  • Aug 19: CasinoNB Pub – Moncton, 10pm
  • Aug 25: Rothesay Commons – Rothesay, 7pm
  • Aug 26 to Sept 2: Ontario/Quebec
  • Sept 3: Kouchibouguac National Park, 7pm

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