New Music from Wangled Teb (Cross-Cultural Residency)

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Wangled Teb is a stronger artist with each new release and Cross-Cultural Residency is proof. 

Matt Carter

Fredericton producer Wangled Teb (Indigo Poirier) quietly dropped a new album last week. Written over the course of a three week artist residency during the winter of 2019, Cross-Cultural Residency introduces a wealth of new sounds into Poirier’s ever-expanding palette.  Pairing various field recordings with their established glitch driven foundation, this collection of tracks reinforces Poirier’s position at the forefront of creative electronic music composition in Atlantic Canada. 

Cross-Cultural Residency builds upon Poirier’s continued exploration of the breakbeat genre, delving into new avenues of sound along the way. Recorded dialogue and collected sounds including a crosswalk signal’s countdown and what sounds like a clothes dryer in a laundromat find use as simple introductions to some tracks and important rhythmical structures to others, straddling the line between predictability and uncertainty. 

Each new collection of music from Wangled Teb finds Poirier probing deeper into melodic structures with increased complexity while retaining just enough 8-bit simplicity to keep things playful. Tracks like River Song (Bare Mix) or Childhood Song carry enough depth, motion and voicing they could easily be adapted for larger ensembles or even an orchestra. Despite having released a series of EPs and now two full-length albums, Cross-Cultural Residency continues to hint at larger things to come. 


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