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Four months and four new Saint John singles recorded at Monopolized Records. This time we are treated to the new single Another Day from Tooth & The Fang. And it’s a beauty. 

Matt Carter

Sometimes I feel like Saint John is a powder keg ready to blow. All these talented players producing music at an alarming rate with no hometown stage to perform on. Just pumping out great song after great song. If you’re ever in need of a little motivation or musical inspiration, look no further than New Brunswick’s harbour city and the cluster of music makers behind this new single.

Tooth & The Fang is a project led by Geoff Smith. With releases dating back over the past eight years, Smith’s writing and his live performances have always been drenched in pure honesty, emotion, and occasional humour. You can hear it all in his voice. He sings with such sincerity. And with a catalog of songs that deal largely with love and friendship and all the various emotions that combination can conjure, I can’t help but feel Smith’s heart has been broken and mended more times than anyone should have to deal with. Or maybe his heart has never been mended. Maybe each new song is an attempt to heal. You simply can’t write with such conviction without first hand knowledge. Whatever the case may be, Smith’s songs make me want to hug the ones I love. His words and his voice are a rare combination. I’ll leave it at that. 

His latest single, Another Day, ranks among Tooth & The Fang’s most uptempo songs. Driven by an energy on par with that of his other band, Little You Little Me, Another Day could easily draw comparisons to Bob Mould, or The Replacements, or Paul Westerberg to name a few. You get the idea. And when you consider that Smith is backed here by two of his LYLM bandmates in Corey Bonnevie (drums, keys, engineering) and Gavin Downes (bass, vocals, and videography), not to overlook the slick leads played by the multitalent Adam Keirstead, the instant gratification Another Day delivers – a catchy, heartfelt earworm – was inevitable. 

I could drone on and on about how important Smith and his bandmates have been to my ears, the city’s music scene, and that of our province, but I’ll leave it here. You need to hear this song. You need to watch this video. You need to feel it all for yourself. Scroll up and press play.


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