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New EP from The Trick highlights first full-band recordings.

the trick-2It’s been over a year now since Pat Reinartz transformed his pop-laden solo project into a four-piece ensemble. Fearsome Places, the new EP from The Trick, marks Reinartz’ first new recording since 2012’s You Find It In The Others and his first with a full band in over a decade.

“I’ve never been a really prolific songwriter,” says Reinartz, “and I really like the idea of an EP where I can just focus-in on three or four songs and just worry about polishing those instead of plotting a whole album, because that can be a little bit daunting. This EP was a long time in the making. All three of these songs came about as a result of forming the four-piece and I wrote these songs specifically with the band in mind.”

Fearsome Places showcases Reinartz’ proven strength as a songwriter and one who now finds himself at the helm of a powerful quartet. Joined by Mike Nason on guitar, JE Sheely on bass and former Das Radio co-conspirator Sean Sullivan on drums, this new chapter in The Trick’s evolution highlights Reinartz’ sustained ability to pair hook with harmony, while adding a depth and feel unheard on previous recordings.

“The songs remain under my aesthetic and we come together to shape them as a group,” said Reinartz. “I bring in the songs with a skeleton concept in mind and we go from there.”

Fearsome Places also features a guest appearance by Motherhood’s Penelope Stevens, whose dynamic vocal harmonies prove to be an ideal compliment to Reinartz’ overall pop aesthetic.

“I guess I was going for a fairly lush-sounding recording and I didn’t want to skimp on the vocals,” said Reinartz. “She’s is a wizard with harmonies so she was the first person who came to mind to add some of those nice extra touches. She’s a total pro and she made recording her tracks fun and easy. Some of my favourite moments on the EP are ideas she whipped up in a matter of seconds.”

While The Trick remains Reinartz’ principal creative canvas, Fearsome Places is truly a collective effort strengthened by the addition of an accomplished lineup of musicians.

“A big part of this project for me was just that I’ve had this awesome group of guys to play with and I don’t have any recordings of them playing,” said Reinartz. “I thought it was a shame to not have this documented in some way. I didn’t want to hold it up because we were too ambitious or something. I wanted to get something done that captured us as we are right here, right now.”

Mission accomplished.

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