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Blush is the latest single from Saint John rapper Sw3aTy Sam.

Matt Carter 

After releasing two singles dealing with his own mental health struggles, Saint John rapper Sw3aTy Sam has changed direction. Slightly. His latest single, Blush, finds the artist shifting towards commercial hip hop clichés (bitches+booze+badassery) for better or for worse.

Up against the wall with this bitch and she ain’t got no clothes on.

Set in a strip club on a particularly boozy night out, Blush sounds like a thinly veiled breakup song.  When compared to the admirable openness displayed on Black Hole and I’m Alright, not to mention earlier singles as well as his 2020 album Dark World, this latest release from Sw3aTy Sam comes across sounding like a shortsighted act of revenge against an unnamed lover and for my ears, a step backward in a trajectory I was all in on. 

Rich lifestyle manifested with tight raps.

Every genre has its tropes and even the most accomplished artists have dipped their toes into these pools of predictability at one time or another. While the future remains to be heard, here’s hoping Sw3aTy Sam can retain some of the honest originally heard on previous releases.


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