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Listen to The Week of Dreams, a perfect addition to your summer playlist. 

Patrick Reinartz continues his exploration of New Wave and Electro Pop sounds on this, his second album of music released under the Shushed moniker. The Week of Dreams is focused and consistent throughout, carrying the listener through seven days and five dream themed compositions.

Ginger Lightening, the project’s 2016 debut, was for some, a reintroduction to Reinartz’ passion for catchy, electronic pop music. Though distinct enough in structure and format to avoid being confused with his long-running solo project turned quartet, The Trick, a number of similarities were evident.

On The Week of Dreams, Reinartz has found a distinct voice for the project, blending his career spanning love for New Wave hooks with mid-tempo House beats over a wide range of song structures.

As the title suggests, The Week of Dreams, is a sonic interpretation of the seven day arch – optimism meets reality meets exhaustion meets excitement meets a much needed rest. A solid album, front to back.

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