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Your Own Imagination is a psychedelic commute and a framework to guide each new day going forward.

Matt Carter

Owen Steel’s latest single – also his first new post-pandemic release – is an invitation to freedom, an encouraging ode to wonder, and a reminder that no matter how bad or confusing things can get, our imaginations will always provide the escape we need, when we need it. Creatively speaking, that it.

Moving with clear intent to destinations unknown, Your Own Imagination takes its momentum from a steady strumming pattern augmented by a reoccurring chorus of horns and woodwinds and vocal harmonies that conjure images of passing scenery, like leaning your head against the window of a bus traveling cross country past farmer’s fields and sparsely populated rural paradises. Backed by a series of lyrics steeped in metaphor and mystery, Your Own Imagination is an invitation with Steel is asking us to pull the cord, get off at the next stop, and make our own way in completely new surroundings. Your Own Imagination is not just a clever title, but a framework or mantra to guide each new day going forward. Live without limits, “like a bird that had returned from a luxurious migration, did not know how to fly, but then it struck inspiration.”

Your Own Imagination, the first single from Steel’s forthcoming album (due out in 2024), was recorded in Fredericton by Keith Hallett.

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