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Jessica Rhaye and The Ramshackle Parade share Sunshine Baby, the first single from their forthcoming album.

Matt Carter 

Since coming together for 2019’s Just Like A Woman: Songs of Bob Dylan, Saint John musician Jessica Rhaye and her band of musical collaborators, the Ramshackle Parade, have struck gold. Not just through the success of their debut album, but as a group of players who compliment and elevate each other on stage. For anyone playing music, being able to create with a group on a mutual level is a rare find. But that is exactly what Rhaye, Bill Preeper, Sandy Mackay, Chris Braydon and Clinton Charlton have happened upon. Talk about a gift. 

Sunshine Baby is the first single from the group’s forthcoming album expected to arrive in the coming months. 

“Sunshine Baby is about being there for anyone who is feeling down,” said Rhaye. “If you have some light to shed on someone and can be there for them, be their light, be their sunshine. Help them get through whatever it is that is getting them down or whatever they might be going through.” 

The single’s video, directed by Jordan Mattie and shot in one of the province’s iconic concert halls, captures both the band’s inherent dynamic as well as the song’s rich, honest imagery.  

“We knew when we wanted to shoot a video for Sunshine Baby as the lead off single for our soon to be released album, and we wanted it to have a classy atmosphere to match the vibe of the song with the boys and I just jamming around a grand piano,” said Rhaye. “The Imperial Theatre in Saint John was the perfect spot. Great stage, beautiful grand piano, stellar lighting system and crew.  

“The vibe of the song was really captured on video by director Jordan Mattie, and we are very happy with the end results.”

More details on the forthcoming album from Jessica Rhaye and the Ramshackle Parade are expected in the coming days. For now, get your week off to a calm reassuring start with Sunshine Baby. 

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