New Music from Dillon Ryan & The Dream Romantic (So Lovely)

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Are you ready for a serious fix of new wave pop? Check out ‘So Lovely’, the new single from Dillon Ryan & The Dream Romantic. 

Matt Carter

Living in a sparsely populated province has its advantages. For instance, if you want to start a band to explore your love for new wave music and by chance you’re good at it, people are bound to hear what you’ve created. It’s certainly a lot easier to have your music heard in New Brunswick than in most major city centres. 

And if you’re based in the heart of New Brunswick’s Irish music capital of Miramichi like Dillon Ryan & the Dream Romantic are, well, it’s that much easier to stand out. 

Dillon Ryan & the Dream Romantic start the month off with the release of their new single So Lovely, one of the first songs written by this current lineup of The Dream Romantic featuring Julie Doucette on keyboards, David Gregory on bass and Alec Victor on drums.

“I think the song leans a bit more towards some of our more poppy sensibilities,” said Ryan. “I have always been influenced by how a band like The Cure can have their really dark serious songs but then flip that around and have just a great Pop song. I’ve always tried to embrace that idea of you can kinda go anywhere you want musically as a band and your group’s underlying sound and personalities will still come to the forefront.”

So Lovely was Recorded at Aurum Waves Studio in Moncton by Patrick Martin, mixed by John Mullane and mastered by Paul Edwards.

Photo Credit for band photo : LP Chiasson | Single Artwork : James McClafferty 

Upcoming Performances: 

April 11 | Goth Night (online) | Sillon Ryan (solo) | View Event 

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