New Music from Adam K & His Hired Friends

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This new EP from Adam K & His Hired Friends is catchy AF!

by Mike Erb

Adam Kierstead has just unintentionally released one of the best New Brunswick releases of the year. Kierstead’s promotion of I’m Not Sad, I’m Dancing most likely doesn’t include much more than a link posted to his personal Facebook and word of mouth at Java Moose. However in my opinion, this should be played from the rooftop of every Circle K across New Brunswick.

The guitar and bass tone speak to Saint John, but played through something much more refined that a $50 Peavey Bandit from Beats & Bytes. Just when you think the guitar is about to start noodling out, the riff is drawn back into a simple and catchy chorus.

The most surprising aspect of this release is the vocals. Not only is Keirstead a man of little words, but I am not sure I have actually heard him sing before. When I heard the vocals on this I couldn’t believe it was him. They are mellow and smooth, reminiscent of something one may hear from the 90’s, but without the heroin. The lyrics are clever, catchy, witty and I can only assume 100% factual.

I am certain that if Adam K and His Hired Friends played a show at Harbour Station, they would be the act to sell out the stadium faster than ANYONE in history.

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