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Free To Grow share three tracks and new video ahead of upcoming sophomore full-length album.

Free To Grow continue to chart their own path with their latest release End Of The World, a three track collection that finds the group remaining true to their classic rock roots, backed by an enormous lineup of talented musicians and vocalists.

On this recording, which features performances by a dozen musicians, Free To Grow expand on their already broad arrangements with more adventurous guitar leads and tight vocal harmonies.

On the track, Hipster, the group take a friendly jab at popular culture referencing man-buns, tight jeans, beards and plaid shirts.

“You got the cool hair and the skinny pants but you don’t know shit and you can’t dance.”

Earlier this year the band shared the promo-only EP Launch Codes with a few select radio stations. End of the World is the band’s second EP since releasing their 2014 self-titled debut.

“The Launch Codes EP was home recorded and we plan to rerecord bits and then have songs studio mixed and mastered,” said FTG founder Jeff Patch. “We only released [the EP] to CHSR and EGH internet radio. We did not release it publicly as we knew we would later produce higher quality versions which will be included on our upcoming full length album.”



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