New Exhibits at Gallery 78

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New works from Réjean Roy and Werner Arnold’s begin May 22.

Réjean Roy

In August 2014, New Brunswick artist Réjean Roy embarked on the trip of a lifetime to the Nahanni River, one of Canada’s true wilderness rivers in the heart of the Northwest Territories. He and his canoe were dropped off just above the magnificent Virginia Falls (nearly twice the height of the Niagara Falls) and he travelled solo for two weeks down this remote river, sketching along the way. View the resulting paintings from this adventure from May 22 – June 14.

“This unique work displays his growing talent in respect to composition and colour. I consider it to be the equal of many of the Group of Seven paintings. One can feel the overflowing energy.”  -Chris Hugues

Upstairs at Gallery 78 – Werner Arnold’s work is imagination and fantasy in intricate wooden creations, with brilliant washes of colour. “Out of the box” features a cornucopia of complex forms perched on little treasure boxes.

“Fanciful and distracting, these sculptures of puzzle-like wood pieces are brilliantly constructed. The works are intricately carved, polished, appliquéd and washed with vibrant colour.” – Canadian Art Junkie

The Nahanni Experience+Out of the Box | Gallery 78 | May 22, 2015 | Gallery 78


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