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The beauty, ruggedness, and mystery of Atlantic Canada, portraits and figurative works, and lots of new work are the focus of three new exhibitions now on display at Gallery 78. 

First Streak of Light by David McKay. (Cropped)

Gallery 78 continues its summer programming with three new exhibitions featuring work by Bruno Bobak, William Forrestall, Steven Rhude and many more. 

Close to Home

As years go by, there is a reassurance and familiarity in the change of seasons: tree buds will bloom every spring, flowers will flourish in summer, the leaves will turn in the fall, and winter will coat the landscape in snow.

In this exhibition series from Gallery 78, art lovers can enjoy a collection of work depicting the beauty, ruggedness, and mystery of Atlantic Canada throughout the year. This show features works by Bruno Bobak, William Forrestall, Glenn Hall, Jack Humphrey, Stephen Hutchings, Jonathan MacDonald, Stephen May, David McKay, Richard Montpetit, Daniel Porter, Steven Rhude, and James Wilson. The works included in the series are available online and will be on display until Saturday, September 4, 2021.

Figures: From Olympia to the Miramichi 

Figurative pieces have always intrigued and endeared us. One can peer into the world of another, and not just the artist’s, but that of the person depicted in the art piece. Who are they? What are they doing? How do they feel on any given day?

In this exhibition of portraits and figurative works, let yourself be inspired by the soft shapes and delightful textures of the various mediums featured. In this show, you’ll find Steven Rhude’s aptly titled oil painting, Olympia with her Buoys, Bruno Bobak’s friends fishing on the Miramichi, and everything in between.

New Work

Enjoy drawings by Jessie Babin, busts by Karen Knight and Dory Cliff (The Link), the latest piece in Steven Rhude’s longstanding series of boats placed in landscapes. Jewelry by Kathryn Cronin and paintings by Stephen May round out some of the latest works on display in this latest exhibition. 

Enjoy these exhibitions in-person on online at now until September 4. 

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