NB Film Co-op welcomes Northern Ireland Filmmaker Elspeth Vischer

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Let Us Be Seen is Vischer’s first feature film and part of a Creative Practice PhD at Queen’s University, Belfast.

Elspeth Vischer is a filmmaker based in Belfast, Northern Ireland and director of Vish Films Ltd. Elspeth has worked over the past few years, writing as well as directing short films and music videos. Vischer’s work is particularly focused around both experimental and documentary traditions. 

“I am in New Brunswick on an Eaton Fellowship to develop research, and gage international audience receptions to my Practice-Based PhD film Let Us Be Seen,” said Vischer. “This is a documentary that aims to showcase localised feminist action from Belfast particularly surrounding issues of governmental restrictions to abortion healthcare, an issue that is internationally relevant.”

Vischer’s work takes an interest in the absurd side of the everyday and aims to question the politics of existence. Let Us Be Seen is Elspeth’s first feature film and is part of a Creative Practice PhD at Queen’s University, Belfast.

“I am working with the New Brunswick Film Co-op and the Fredericton Feminist Film Collective as well as the University of New Brunswick, to host screenings, discussions, and focus groups of this work and give talks that will hopefully make these connections between feminist issues affecting those in the North of Ireland and New Brunswick. I am delighted to be based in Fredericton for the next five weeks and to have this opportunity to meet new people and discuss my work, as well as finding out about other forms of feminist action happening locally.” 

Learn more about at ​​www.vishfilms.com

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