NB Artist Invited to Exhibit at Florence Biennale

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Katrina Slade is seeking private donations to help her showcase new work at Italy’s Florence Biennale.

Slades’s ‘The Solution to Everything’
is planned as an indoor installation created primarily with upcycled weathergrams – strips of
colourful paper that display loving-kindness mantras.

(Fredericton) Visual artist Katrina Slade received an invitation to exhibit her work in the upcoming Florence Biennale, an art fair set to take place at the Fortezza de Basso in Florence, Italy from October 23-31, 2021.

The Florence Biennale is regarded as an outstanding showcase of international contemporary art and design. Currently in it’s 13th edition, the selected theme of the year’s event is Eternal Feminine.

As part of this year’s festival, Slade hopes to showcase her interdisciplinary installation, The Solution to Everything, a tent-like structure made from paper, lights, mirror, and sound. The title refers to Slade’s belief that kindness is the solution to many of the world’s problems.

“I strongly feel that my mission as an artist is to spread kindness and activate compassion to as wide an audience as possible,” said Slade in a statement. 

Slade has had several solo and group exhibitions in Canada, the United States, and Germany. This will be her first international art fair, a high honour for an emerging artist in her third year of professional art practice. Before Slade became an artist full time, she had a career as an art teacher in international schools in Japan, South Korea, and Germany. 

In order to participate in the Florence Biennale, Slade is seeking funding opportunities in the form of grants and sponsorships.

“It would be such a shame if a New Brunswick artist couldn’t attend this event due to a lack of funding,” she said. “I am seeking donations and sponsorships to be able to make this happen. All parties could benefit from joining forces to make The Solution to Everything a reality at the Florence Biennale.”

Katrina Slade is a third-generation visual artist with a passion for mindfulness and creativity. She immigrated to Canada in 2018.

Her Indiegogo campaign ends on April 11th. It can be found HERE.

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