Musicians Unite For Mixtape Fundraiser

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‘Postponed: The Mixtape’ features contributions from dozens of musicians in support of The Cap and CHSR FM. 

Matt Carter

There are no shortage of tragic stories surrounding the COVID-19 virus, the lockdown it spurred and the many businesses suffering as a result. Two pillars of the Fredericton music community – CHSR FM and The Cap – are among those affected.

Just weeks following a massive rebranding, the introduction of its own beer and only days after opening a record store, The Cap (The Capital Complex) was forced to close its doors. As for CHSR FM, the campus community radio station was forced to cancel its spring Fundrive and record sale event missing out on an important annual fundraiser and community networking event.

To support both of these groups, musicians from across the province have donated a total of 55 songs to create, Postponed: The Mixtape, available now for purchase through Bandcamp with all proceeds going to support these two important pieces of New Brunswick’s music ecology.  

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