Music NB program seeks to fund professional artist/organization development

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Expand your knowledge. Broaden your horizons. Music NB’s Industry Pathways’ Expert Access Component looks to support industry professionals seeking advice with accounting, legal, health, marketing, and other key areas related to the music industry. 

Matt Carter 

Earlier this fall, New Brunswick’s professional music industry association launched Industry Pathways, a new funding initiative aimed at strengthening the province’s industry through professional development and seed grants. Intake for the Internship component closed on Nov. 28, but the Expert Access Component remains active with a rolling deadline that will extend into the new year. 

“The idea is that musicians, or individuals, or organizations in the live music sector can apply in support of mentorships, training, and advice from people who are recognized nationally and internationally as being experts in their field,” said MNB Program Officer Penelope Stevens. “It addresses a whole host of issues. Maybe you have a project and you are trying to figure out how to incorporate your partnership. Or you want to make your festival a non-profit and you are not really sure how to do that. This program would fund your meeting with a lawyer who specializes in non-profits and could help you revise your bylaws and make sure you have all the proper paperwork in place. It is open to lots of different aspects of the industry.”

The Expert Access Component also extends to areas involving health and wellbeing.

“Maybe you are having some mental health struggles and just need to talk with someone but you are not able to afford a therapist. This program will cover the cost of up to five sessions with a licensed therapist,” said Stevens.

Applicants may apply for funding to help with multiple professional development sessions with an industry expert.

Stevens said the whole idea behind the program is to help artists get over the many hurdles they may face in navigating an ever-shifting industry.

Full details on Music NB’s Industry Pathways’ Expert Access Component can be found HERE

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