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Cedric Noel debuts new track from forthcoming release.

1014928_10155016329240034_1642783877832028791_oIf you frequent live music events in Fredericton, there’s a good chance you’ve heard of Cedric Noel. In fact, there’s almost an equal chance he’s someone that you consider a friend. One of the most approachable musicians around, Noel has been a regular performer, writer and arranger of music on the city scene for the past five years or more. He has also been recognized for producing a steady stream of solo home recordings that trace his influence, inspiration and his growth as a musician.

This past winter Noel set out to produce his third full-length solo release. What started as a simple series of home recordings has evolved into a much larger project welcoming a number of guest musicians into the fold.

“I had planned to have it done in December,” said Noel, “but then I decided to get a bunch of friends to come in and record parts and I wrote a couple more songs so I naturally needed more time, which has only been a positive. I should be done by June.  When it comes out has yet to be determined. There’s a lot to do after the music is done.”

Despite having played in numerous bands, adding guest musicians to a solo recording is something new for Noel, who until recently handled all aspects of his recording projects.

“It’s been great to have people come over to my place to add their own touch to these songs,” he said. “Adam Guidry did all the drumming on the record and he really did a great job. We recorded them at All In the Mind Studios with Chris MacLean. A few other friends have either sang or played on the record, but for the most part it’s still mostly me playing the parts. I find it necessary for me to record my own records like that. Apart from it being fun to play a slew of instruments, I find it important for me distill all my ideas on my own.”

One of Noel’s biggest traits as a songwriter is his heart-on-sleeve approach to writing love songs. His honesty and confidence in conveying sincere emotion through song helps set him apart from other performers. With this in mind, it only makes sense his first single would be called, I Ain’t Gonna Hide My Heart.

“This track, like a few others on the album, was written after I went on a Beatles movie and documentary watching binge, which is very out of character for me,” said Noel. “I was curious for some reason. I got really obsessed with the importance of having standout melodies in songs. This song is a product of that.

“Lyrically, I had set a goal for myself to be honest for every song,” he said. “So every tune but two come from my life and all the stories are true. Some songs were pretty hard to get out, this one wasn’t. It’s all very matter-of-fact to me, quite clinical perhaps and somewhat self-deprecating with a hint of humour if that all makes sense.”

Noel will debut music from the forthcoming album this Wednesday evening at Connexion ARC with a new ensemble featuring Adam Guidry (drums), Chris MacLean (bass) and Dillon Anthony (lap steel/keys).

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Gianna Lauren+Jacob Augustine+Hilotrons+Cedric Noel | Connexion ARC | May 13, 2015 | 7:30pm | $8 | View Event

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