MSB share first taste of forthcoming album

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You’re Up All Night is the first single from the Montgomery Street Band’s forthcoming sophomore album produced by Alan Jeffries. 

Matt Carter 

Members of Fredericton’s Montgomery Street Band have been busy putting the finishing touches on their new album. To help craft the follow-up to their 2018 debut, Quantum Internet, the MSB enlisted the help of New Brunswick bluegrass legend in the making, Alan Jeffries to produce the project.

You’re Up All Night, the first single from the forthcoming album, is also the group’s first recording to feature bassist Jason Flores. The group’s growth over the past few years is immediately evident on this new track led by vocalist/mandolin player Patrick Gushue. Time has treated this group well, allowing the opportunity for the MSB to further shape and polish their sound, taking everything to a new level. That refinement is obvious on this new single.

While we don’t hear a lot of bluegrass ’round these parts, it’s always a treat when we do. And knowing these guys call Fredericton home helps make that treat all the more enjoyable. Keep your eyes and ears open for new of the full album coming soon. 

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