Motherhood announce parental leave and North American tour

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Motherhood begin a 13 date tour with a show in Fredericton on March 8 at The Cap. This series of performances will be the band’s first with drummer Gabe Camarano. 

Adam Sipkema, Gabe Camarano, Brydon Crain, Penelope Stevens and Cricket the Dog.
Matt Carter

Following up last year’s European tour which saw the band perform dates in Austria, Slovenia, Hungary, Belgium, Germany and the UK in support of their 2022 album Winded, Fredericton trio Motherhood are getting ready to hit the road once again. Beginning with a hometown show on March 8, the band’s next tour will include dates throughout Canada and United States.

The upcoming tour will include a few firsts for the group including a performance at SXSW in Austin, Texas and their first shows with drummer Gabe Camarano. Camarano, a longtime friend of the band, is filling in for Motherhood drummer and soon-to-be father, Adam Sipkema. 

We reached out to Camarano to learn a bit more about his relationship to Motherhood’s Penelope Stevens, Brydon Crain and Adam Sipkema, and what it’s been like learning to play some of the band’s material.

Can you give us some background on how you first met the Motherhood gang?

I’ve known the folks in Motherhood for the better part of a decade. I think it all started because Penny got my contact from the boys in Walrus who had already toured through the States a couple of times. At the time, I was living in Western Massachusetts and booking shows, and so it goes. After that we kept seeing each other because Penny would offer my band at the time, Carinae, opportunities playing in the Maritimes. Between them coming to the States and me going up there, we saw a good amount of each other. We really got to know each other and I’m super grateful that we will continue to do so. 

How did it feel being asked to fill in for Adam?

Adam is a wildly talented and nuanced drummer. Asking to play in his stead was daunting at first as you can imagine. Once we established that I was going to learn the parts to the best of my ability but did not have to do everything note for note, my anxieties settled. They know I’m not a classically trained, sheet music reading, studio robot wizard and that my own style is probably going to peek through. My goal is to honor his parts and maintain my own sensibilities simultaneously. 

How have rehearsals worked with you living so far away? What’s it been like “distance learning”? 

Motherhood flew me up for rehearsals which was super helpful. After having a week to ground together I got to a good enough place where I can just drum along to the recordings and keep the material fresh!

Upcoming Performances: 

March 8 | The Cap | Fredericton, NB
March 9 | Space Gallery | Portland, ME
March 10 | Bishop’s Lounge | Northampton, MA
March 11 | The Broadway | Brooklyn, NY
March 13 | Local 506 | Chapel Hill, NC
March 15 | Siberia | New Orleans, LA
March 18 | SXSW | Austin, TX
March 19 | Valley of the Vapors | Hot Springs, AR
March 23 | Tree Fort Music Festival | Boise, ID
March 29 | Radio Bean | Burlington, VT
March 30 | La Petite Boîte Noire | Sherbrooke, QC
March 31 | Le Zaricot | Saint-Hyacinthe, QC
April 1 | Centre d’expérimentation musicale | Saguenay, QC


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