Morgan Davis Plays the Tipsy Muse Café – August 21

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Canadian blue legend Morgan Davis performs in Fredericton this month as part of the Mellow Yellow Concert Series at the Tipsy Muse Café.

In a fabled career, that is now into its 5th decade, this award winning blues singer has committed his life to the genre that he has long since become a master of. Morgan Davis has jammed with some of the legends, and in turn, became one himself. Ask any blues fan, and Davis’ name comes with a lot of respect and credibility attached.

Don’t miss this incredible show. We got him for one night only and we’re lucky to have him on our stage Aug 21st.

Mellow Yellow Concert Series

Back in June, the Tipsy Muse Cafe began the slow process of inviting audiences and performers back into the venue’s cozy confines for a series of very intimate performances. Colin Fowlie, Kylie Fox, Tortoise, Hare and the Millionaire are among the many performers to take to the Muse stage over the past few months. Seating for these shows is extremely limited helping to make each performance a safe and memorable experience for audiences and performers alike. 

Muse staff have set up their room for physical distancing, grouping the room in sections to sell the tickets in groups of 2, 3 or 4. Because of required distancing, patrons will select their seats with ticket purchases. Food and drink will be delivered to each table as a means of limiting movement through the space during the event. 

Morgan Davis | August 21 | Tipsy Muse Cafe | 7 p.m. | View Event 

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