More working class hip hop from Stephen Hero and Brydon Crain

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After completing the track by track roll out of their debut EP, Stephen Hero and Brydon Crain are back with a new single and news of another EP on the way.

Matt Carter

More new music from Stephen Hero and Brydon Crain? You betcha! After a year spent rolling out singles and videos in support of their debut EP, Saint John rapper Stephen Hero and Fredericton producer Brydon Crain continue to give their collaboration the attention it deserves, producing new music at a staggering rate. Today the pair have shared Livin The Dream, the first new track from their forthcoming EP due out later this year.

“I’m really psyched about the new material. I think we’ve both really hit a stride with each other musically and it’s making for some really interesting stuff,” said Hero.

“The new beats are cooler and more original than ever, and I also think I’m lyrically at the top of my game right now.”

Hero, who has been releasing music off and on since 2014, credits his recent collaborations with Motherhood’s Brydon Crain for helping push his creativity in new directions.

“I’m really enjoying trying different flows and cadences and staying creative and original on the lyrical side of things,” said Hero, “and I really enjoyed doing my own video editing as well. The new EP is a more focused expression of this project, and it will be coming out in September.”

Livin The Dream is a fresh, original and focused single that expands upon the off-centre charm of the duo’s previous releases with heightened refinement. And videographer Josh Hooper joins Hero and Crain once again helping to create a strong video accompaniment that serves to add another level of depth to this already powerful combo.

This latest single is just the tip of the iceberg for Hero who has several new tracks and projects in the works.

“I have so many collabs on the way that I’m excited about, but I’m really glad to have this project with Bry. It’s been awesome working together and I love getting new beats from him and seeing what direction he’s gone. My main focus is just to make stuff that’s as lyrical as possible without being tedious, so that it stays fun and above all, stays true to what Stephen Hero is at the core, which is working class Saint John hip hop.”

The duo’s new EP, Eat The Rich arrives in September. Keep an eye out for more new music coming soon including a new collaboration with Pabineau First Nation rapper, producer and singer Wolf Castle.


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