Moondrip Collective bundles two Stellaleona albums as limited edition cassette

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Proceeds from the sale of Chokecherry//Rosehip will support Chroma NB, a community organization focusing on advocating for 2SLGBTQIA+ people in the Saint John Region.

Saint John-based musician Stellaleona self-describes as a high soprano crafting cultural artifacts of nonbinary significance and a one-vox electrochoir performing divinity//overcoming anxiety. If you’re not familiar with their work, please, get acquainted. Here’s a good place to start. Their music is otherworldly, trace-inducing and emotionally exhausting. One person’s attempt to communicate and overcome. Beautiful. 

Chokecherry//Rosehip is Stellaleona’s first cassette, a re-release of their 2020 albums Chokecherry (side A) and Rosehip (side B). Chokecherry//Rosehip is a collection of work about (content warning) dysphoria, suicidal ideation, eating disorders, ex-catholic guilt, and a little bit about how love and caffeine can save you from those things. 

This cassette-only re-release is limited to 50 copies, available HERE

In addition to a new cassette, Stellaleona has also released a limited edition poster created by artist Aoife Hazen. The Gatekeeper, Samhain 2021 is an 11×17 glossy print that comes bundled with digital downloads for Chokecherry//Rosehip plus Stellaleona’s 2021 EP, Foolscap

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