Monday Night Film Series: Testament of Youth

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testament_of_youth_webTestament of Youth is a powerful story of love, war, and remembrance, based on the First World War memoir by Vera Brittain, which has become the classic testimony of that war from a woman’s point of view.  Award-winning writer Juliette Towhidi has adapted the screenplay from Brittain’s searing story of love and war, which was first published in 1933.

Vera (Alicia Vikander), irrepressible, intelligent and free-minded, overcomes the prejudices of her family and hometown to win a scholarship to Oxford. With everything to live for, she falls in love with her brother’s brilliant friend Roland Leighton (Kit Harington ) as they go to University to pursue their literary dreams. But the First World War is looming and as the boys leave for the front, Vera realises she cannot sit idly by as her peers fight for their country. She joins the Voluntary Aid Detachment as a nurse tending the wounded and dying (both British and German) in London, Malta and France. The film also features Emily Watson and Dominic West as Mr. and Mrs. Brittain

A searing journey from youthful hopes and dreams to the edge of despair and back again, it’s a film about young love, the futility of war, and how to make sense of the darkest times.

Testament of Youth | Monday Night Film Series | Tilley Hall, Room 102, UNB Campus | Nov. 23, 2015 – 7:30pm | See full schedule


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