Midweek Music Mix: Spotlighting New Releases from New Brunswick Artists

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This week we look at the latest releases from Mrs. Hippie, Internal Night and a re-released album by Paranerd.

Matt Carter

Mrs. Hippie – Blood in the Streets

Mrs. Hippie share their first single since the release of 2016’s Mrs. Hippie Presents: Personal Problems. Blood in the Streets is an anthem for beer league hockey fanatics (as the accompanying video clearly demonstrates) and sees the group moving forward into the realm of uptempo fist-pounding rock and roll. The group’s core make up of guitar, bass and drums gets an extra jolt of energy thanks to the addition of a simple and very effective organ lead that catapults an already powerful track into bold new territory for the band.

If the artwork and album title posted on Bandcamp are any indication, Blood in the Streets might be the first in a series of new tunes coming from Mrs. Hippie in 2019. Let’s hope.


Internal Night – The Unseen

There is a strong 70s psychedelic feel to this full-length debut from the Saint John trio Internal Night. Across the 13 jangly stoner rock jams, surf-sounding surprises and high flying forays into tripped out country that makeup this release, Internal Night deliver a confident debut worthy of a second listen, especially if you’re a fan of the era the band are working to channel here. Personally, I can’t get behind the vocals on this album, but there are a few overall musical moments that helped carried me through some of the more sleepily delivered songs. My favorite tracks are Your Own Truth and Static/Linear as I feel that’s where the band really open things up.

Paranerd – 250mg

Paranerd’s 2014 album 250mg was recently re-released on cassette via the Colorado label, Seedsound. Paranerd is an adventurous electronic music project by Moncton musician Paul Goguen, who has released dozens of tracks over the past twenty years.

Originally recorded in 2002, released digitally in 2014 and now available on cassette in 2019, 250mg is proof that a little can go a long way. With just six tracks and a total running time of about 23 minutes, 250mg remains an incredibly fresh sounding album full of dreamy, electro-pop vibes that make you feel like you just reached some hidden level in a game you didn’t know you part of.

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