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Spotlighting new releases from New Brunswick artists. This week we look at a split release from Women of the Pore and Zeit, the new single from Wicked Vices and a 55 minute electronic music performance from Robert T. 

Matt Carter

Women of the Pore/Zeit – split cassette

Two New Brunswick experimental music makers have teamed up for this split release. Women of the Pore and Zeit first appeared together on the Patient Records sampler Approaches released earlier this year. This pairing brings together two contrasting approaches to composition, with WOTP’s unusual structures and Zeit’s wash of sonic colours, yet manages to find a balance amidst the overdriven percussion and distorted sine waves.  A nightmare soundtrack or a day at the beach? Beauty is in the ear of the beholder.

Wicked Vices – Sinkin’

Fredericton’s Wicked Vice released a new single last week. Sinkin’ is the group’s first new track since 2017’s Irish Goodbye. Riding the recent wave of comfortable, well-constructed, radio-ready rock jams coming out of the city over the past year, Sinkin’ is delivered with precision and restraint. No wasted notes or unwanted filler here. A solid single with some well placed harmonies to boot!

Robert T – Live at Electronic 10

First things first – I love improvised electronic music. Gizmos and gadgets connected and powered by endless patch cords and wall warts. There’s a freedom in there somewhere that has always piqued my interest. With that in mind, Live at Electronic 10 by Moncton-based musician Robert T is right up my alley. Clocking in at 55 minutes, this track (a complete live performance) is a clinic in shifting feels and textures without compromising the initial presence set in the opening few minutes. Sounds shift, grow and dissolve with a great respect. Very cool.  

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