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Spotlighting new releases from New Brunswick artists. This week we look at new music Truant plus an audio how-to guide for musicians. 

Matt Carter

Truant – µAnthology

µAnthology, the debut from Moncton musician Truant, is a glitch packed series of complex rhythms and interjections that seem to compete with one another for time and space within each of the album’s 12 tracks. Not a relaxing listen by any means, the album is a slow release with interwoven melodies occasionally surfacing between frantic beats and counter rhythms. An exhausting, enjoyable listen. 


CHSR FM – Mind Your Own Business

If I can sidestepping the usual single, EP, album format here for a second, let’s talk about this collection of interviews from Fredericton’s community/campus radio station CHSR FM. Mind Your Own Business is an eight episode radio program hosted and created by CHSR Station Manager Erin Bond. Designed as a how-to guide for navigating the world of music from the business side of things, this collection plays through like an up-to-date audio version of all those books out there that offer insight on “how to be a band”. Marketing, promotion, video production, touring, grant writing, it’s all in here, with expert advice from some of the region’s topic authorities. Mind Your own Business is an incredible resource for any musician. Available as a pay what you wish download with all proceeds going to support the station, this is MUST HAVE on several levels.

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