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Spotlighting three new releases from New Brunswick artists. This week we look at new music from Colin Fowlie, Cédric Vieno and Double Vision. 

Matt Carter

Colin Fowlie – Harmony

Fredericton musician Colin Fowlie released a new EP this month. On Harmony, Fowlie’s songwriting takes centre stage with three well-told stories, each an engaging window into the darker side of humanity. Fowlie’s ability to paint vivid pictures through his lyrics and then surround them with well arranged, uplifting compositions (supported by a strong band and a number of guest performers) set things up nicely for his forthcoming album due out in early 2019. If Harmony is any indication, Fowlie is set to take some big strides in the year to come.


Cédric Vieno  – La Session Bruxelloise

Caraquet’s Cédric Vieno follows up his 2017 full length Autopsie d’un peureux with this new 4 track EP recorded at Low Man’s Land Studio in Brussels, Belgium earlier this month. Opening with the track Mine d’or , a beautifully arranged song that finds Vieno stepping away from the rock structures that dominated his previous release, La Session Bruxelloise finds its strength in subtlety with the exception of Fifille, a track that builds with expert confidence thanks in part to the team of musicians who join on this recording. In all, a great new release from a musician we don’t hear enough about.


Double Vision – Double Vision

New music from our province’s unofficial indie rock capital – Sackville. On this debut from Double Vision, members Klarka Weinwurm, Richard Laviolette and Glenn Barrington sing about shitty jobs and beautiful cats. It’s nice to know there are still musicians out there willing to play and sing about everyday topics for no other reason than to make music together. No big vision here. No grand plan to reinvent anything. Just music for music’s sake. Refreshing.

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