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Spotlighting three new releases from New Brunswick artists. This week we look at new music from Women of the Pore, Josh Peters and Supereverb. 

Matt Carter

The Midweek Music Mix is our attempt to stay (somewhat) on top of the continuous stream of music coming from all corners of the province. Here’s what we’re into this week.

Women of the Pore – The Magi

There are very few recordings from the world of ambient or experimental music that manage to hold my attention from the first second to the last decaying sound. The Magi, the latest album from Women of the Pore, is an exception. The album presents and maintains a distinctly captivating ‘other world’ vibe through all eight tracks and reminds me of those old Spiderman cartoons from the 60’s where every once in a while old Spidey would find himself in some strange world full of flying creatures and green sunsets. A recent release from the Fredericton-based label Patient Records, The Magi could very well be your gateway drug into another world of sonic pleasure. Highly recommended.

Josh Peters – Pages of My Heart

Wow. Here’s a nice surprise. The debut album from Saint John musician Josh Peters summons the spirits of country music’s classic era with 11 songs of love, heartbreak and self-assured redemption. Mixing blistering honkytonk piano solos with fiddle, piano, pedal steel and a voice straight from a 50’s junk joint, Peters wins where so many others have failed. Pages of My Heart is authentic and genuine. No copycat attempts at realism here. Along with a skilled crop of musicians, Peters has confidently embraced the sounds and nuances that defined the early days of country music.

Supereverb – Highway

Moncton musician Scott Beaulieu has released the debut EP from his new project Supereverb. Drawing together hints of psych, 80s synth rock and new wave, Highway sees Beaulieu performing all instrumentation and production duties in capable fashion. The EP’s opening instrumental track Hello sets up the cohesive mood of this release nicely and works as a welcoming prelude to Beaulieu’s skillful arrangements and tastefully executed songs that follow. A great introduction.

If you have new music on the way and would like to be considered for a future edition of Midweek Music Mix, send us the details at gridcitymagazine(at)gmail.com

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