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Spotlighting new releases from New Brunswick artists. This week we look at new music from Black Dimes, Hard Charger and Death X Disco. 

Matt Carter

Hard Charger – Speed Beast

Hard Charger have a new album coming out in May. Speed Beast is the first single from Vol. 4: Take The Guff and Suffer which will be available on all formats via a myriad of labels across Canada, the U.S. and Europe. Speed Beast is pure Hard Charger. Dirty, fast, angry and loud with just enough subtle humour to separate their brand of crusty in-your-face hardcore from the rest of the pack. The original crust n’ rollers remain in fine form!  

“…on the highway to hell, with your remains stuck in the grill.”

Death X Disco – Money $hot

A loud and catchy throwback to the metal influenced punk that blanketed the earth in the early 90s, Saint John’s Death X Disco have revised a familiar sound with confidence and skill. This welcomed revisit takes the bulk of its influence from the pre-polished period, somewhere back before a certain mohawked millionaire began churning this stuff out by the truck load. A solid debut EP.

Black Dimes – Black Dimes

Sackville musician Evan Matthews continues his journey to the edges of contemporary music with his latest project, Black Dimes. Black Dimes is a four track EP, it’s compositions each bearing a resemblance to something familiar while maintaining a distance that is at times both comfortable and awkward. How does he do that? A challenging and rewarding listen, Black Dimes is not your typical formulaic songwriting. The sounds are a bit foreign and the vocals might not be what you’re expecting but don’t let that stop you. Some may call it weird. I call it wonderful.

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