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Spotlighting new releases from New Brunswick artists. This week we look at new music from Adam K & His Hired Friends, Pink Oranges 47 and Women of the Pore. 

Matt Carter

Adam K & His Hired Friends – Thirty Five

Adam K has penned an anthem for all the thirty somethings who find themselves wondering what they’ve done with their lives. On his latest single, Thirty Five, the Saint John musician points out how he has never learned to change a tire and how he has watched his friends get their lives in order and appear to be in better places. His skin is flaking, he feels like he is 50 but acts like he is 20. I think there’s something we can all relate to in the words of Mr. K. He has basically summed up life in just under 5 minutes. Sweet poetry with a ripping guitar solo. 

Pink Oranges 47 – Depths of Hell

Drone Hop?  Is that a thing? If it wasn’t before, that may be the best way to categorize the latest release from the Fredericton experimental electronic project Pink Oranges 47. Depths of Hell is a mix of mumbled lyrics, steady beats and oddly placed samples. But don’t take that description as a criticism. It is more of an observation. What exactly is going on here is highly subjective. There are familiar elements of bedroom pop, hip hop, drone and noise and at times, things that sound like ‘songs’. But the combination of these elements is what defines this six-track EP and makes it something all its own. Depths of Hell is weird, low-fi fun. It’s certainly not everyone’s cup of tea but then again, regular cups of tea are not always everyone’s cup of tea. So there.

Women of the Pore – Flower Force Fields

Calling Women of the a Pore a prolific project is a bit of an understatement. With new tracks being released just about every week for the past several months, keeping up with this creative outlet for Bathurst-based musician Mike Watling is a full time endeavour. Highly atmospheric and haunting, Flower Force Fields, like every release from this project so far, is as relaxing as it is demanding. Zone out or go deep. Stream of consciousness writing to score our every move.

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